Our Origins

Our beginnings are humble and simple. As with many, this started out as a simple look into the family around us and stayed as such until we began to learn more of our family and the journey that it had gone through in its history.

It quickly escalated to much more and it became a life mission to learn more about the origins of our family and the journey they traveled through their lives to make them the people that they are. It was an exploration of what made us who we are and what brought us to the places that we were in our lifetimes. Our work also became a means for us to rediscover “lost” family and mend relationships which were once shattered before. This work was the basis of dialog being reestablished among distant family and created a common ground to relate on. While once a passion of our predecessors, we have carried on this work so that their efforts would not be lost but also to continue the mending that they began years before us.

After all of the research and time spent learning about our families, it was clear that this was something that would have to continue. Now, years later, with an uncountable amount of time invested into this, we came to a point of wanting to support others in their search for their origins. This itself drove us to establishing this community so that others can reap the benefits of such work and perhaps help create a common ground for them to reconnect to others that were once lost before but in a higher sense, create a common ground for everyone to come together and find harmony both in family and society.