Our Mission

With membership quickly spreading, we constantly strive to keep our mission simple. Our mission is to bring people together in hopes of focusing energy to more easily complete our goals. In addition to our goals in our research, other basic canons are also a vital part of our practice.

  1. To improve accessibility to information both online and offline.
    • For information which is online, networking with each other to provide an open flow of information.
    • For information which is offline, building better relationships at the repositories where this information is contained to help data accessibility.
  2. To build and maintain a centralized repository for information to ensure the longevity of research conducted by our members. As many members age, a growing concern exists for the continuation of the work that they started and that it would not go to waste. Many members seek out “trusted” people to carry on with their work but this can be difficult to achieve. Instead, our community will ensure that no information is lost and rather, ensure that work is continued through the consolidation of all research.
  3. To provide support to each other in our research. Each of us have our strengths and our specialties but no one is a professional at everything. We are a group of genealogists, some of who have a deep knowledge of history, others of cartography, some of many languages. Alone, each of us is limited in how far we can go.  As a community, we can get so much further in our work and come closer to our goals.
  4. To provide mobility in performing offline research. Unfortunately, geography is a hurdle that is not always easy to overcome. As a group, this can be made easier to overcome through cooperation. Some resources are still offline, some will remain offline indefinitely. Having people spread out in different regions makes providing access to these resources much simpler.
  5. To help raise awareness in keeping accessibility to historical records open. With more and more governments and religious institutions collecting and archiving historical documents, getting access to these resources is becoming more difficult every day. By working together, we can help mitigate this restriction but we are still at the mercy of these bodies and the restrictions they may place in obtaining access to this information. Through our congregation, we hope to be able to keep access to these documents to everyone for consumption.
  6. Absolute transparency in everything we do is required. To be a part of this community, you must be open to sharing everything that you have in order to have access to everything others have to offer.
  7. Honesty above all else is essential. If you are unable to fully contribute to a problem or query, it is important that you do no over exaggerate your abilities. Contribute where you can but don’t overstep your abilities as it will only impede instead of progress.
  8. Loyalty to the mission is required. Your membership in this congregation carries a lot of weight with all members. If you are committed to your craft, do not betray that commitment.

Continue here to learn how to become a member of our community and to support the initiatives that are the core of what we do.