The time to give is now.  Our sights are set high and with that, there is a need to help us achieve our goals as a community.

We have many ongoing initiatives that we, as a community take on. Your donations to our group will be directed as needed into the following channels:

  • Congregational facilities
    • These donations go directly to the organization to maintain the online forum as well as to sponsor community events and all work associated in ensuring that we are set for the future.
  • Research support
    • Research is a fundamental element of our work. This all comes at a cost and in order to support the progression of this work, a great deal of funds are needed to help make it all happen.
  • Operational support
    • All funds given for operational support go toward maintaining and expanding the data centre where all archived data is kept. We strive to constantly seek out more effective providers to provide this service and keep our costs down without compromising the stability and security of our data. Our work is our passion and we cannot compromise on losing or making any sacrifices of that work.

Please remember that the more you give,  the further we can go with our work in establishing a community of people who see no borders, no division or race among people but only unity from the work that we do.

To donate directly to our group please click here.

To provide additional funding for our data center and facilities, please click here.