Genealogy is considered a hobby by many but a career by only a few. It has never been seen as anything more than that. We have created this congregation to bring those who believe that this work is something more together.

Genealogy is not faith based nor is it politically driven. Genealogy is not culturally based race specific. Who we are is strictly dictated by the people from which we came. We can’t change our genes but we can do a lot to understand more about the type of people we are.

Genealogy gives us an insight into our history and a better understanding of our habits, our practices and traditions. It helps us understand what is important to us as a people.

Whether you descend from an ancient Asian civilization, an African tribe or a European culture, we are all still human, born to a father and mother which is precisely at the core of what we do; discovering who our fathers and mothers are as well as their siblings just over and over again.

It is likely that we all start off in this field in a similar way, a school project but it is only a rare few who continue doing this decades later with a passion that grows with every new person we discover.

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